Plainedge Student Selected for Brookhaven National Laboratory Summer Research Program

Pictured above is Peter Fullan

Peter Fullan, class of 2023, was one of 25 students who was just accepted into the Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) Summer High School Research Program. With his interest in studying nuclear science, Peter led the pack of applicants with a strong research resume. Peter created a data frame that included statistics on energy production, nuclear power plants, and greenhouse emissions -- data collected from the US Department of Energy and news sources. Peter then leveraged the supervised machine learning decision tree protocols spearheaded by Reem Hamdan (class of 2022) to identify the factors most associated with nuclear power plant distribution throughout the United States. Peter continued by using linear regression modeling to predict the potential greenhouse gas reductions if energy production throughout the US incorporated more nuclear power. Peter is the first Plainedge High School student to earn a research collaboration with Brookhaven Labs, and he will now work with BNL nuclear scientists, who focus on nuclear reactor core analysis. With the mentorship of these scientists, Peter plans on integrating his knowledge of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning with the computation software at BNL. His goal is to utilize AI and machine learning to model dynamics in a nuclear power plant in order to design the most efficient and safe next-generation nuclear reactors. His work promises to help with humanity's transition away from fossil fuels.